helenabucket (helenabucket) wrote in creative_praise,

Zarq makes me think, laugh

zarq has an LJ that gives me lots to think about, and he never fails to give me more water cooler fodder than I know what to do with. Further, his personal asides are always short, but filled to the brim with content that engages. In other words, he makes me care about what happens to him without writing a long-form autobiography about his travails and triumphs. No whining, even when he's beat. No gloating, even when he's on top of the world. Also, I like him because I'm not sure he knows I'm older than him. ;-)

rockgeisha is on the other end of the spectrum. Pretty much everything she writes is personal, but if you dig back far enough and learn who she's talking about and why, you're in for a heckuva ride. It's not all hair products and "mean girl" stuff for this young woman: backstage going-on at rock concerts, interesting friends, connections, insights...it's not exactly weighty stuff all the time, but it's intersting, fresh and energetic. And funny. Read and feel young.
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