Copperwise (copperwise) wrote in creative_praise,

Thank you

I would like to thank a variety of people, all for the same reason.

In no particular order, matociquala, sosotris2012, mrissa, misia, [Bad username: queenofthe skies], jhetley, rachelmanija, sartorias, scottlynch, truepenny, blackholly, and cmpriest.

Thank you for writing about your writing, especially about your process and the realities of the writing life. Intermingled with writing about your personal lives, you give an excellent and well-rounded picture of what it means to be a writer -- the work, the disappointments, the joys, the life. And you do it in such a way that you inspire rather than intimidate.

You've helped me in innumerable ways, as I've no doubt you've helped innumerable other writers.
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